Hi there,

On this site you can calculate the gain/loss of your cryptocurrency transactions.
The method to calculate this is FIFO (First In First Out).
With the FIFO report, you or your accountant will have enough information to fill in your taxes and make you compliant with most authorities who have regulated cryptocurrency transactions.

You might also just be curious how much gain/loss you've made.
Go ahead, sign up (it's all anonymous, no private information needed) and try it out.

Last but not least: It's Free! We believe in cryptocurrency and with this we want to make it as easy as possible to join the revolution.

Important notes: A correct calculation is what we strive for,
but end-responsiblity remains with you and your accountant.

This is a work-in-progress and although you can save your report here, the database could get cleared during development phase. Therefore, it's recommended to print your report as soon as it's made.

Import transactions

Import transactions from your Δ Delta app into Crypto-FIFO.

Insert/Update transactions

Insert additional or update existing transactions.

Calculate gain/loss

Calculate your gain/loss with a push on the button.

Multiple periods

You can split your transactions up in different periods, allowing you to calculate your gain/loss per period.

Exclude trades

Exclude transactions from gain/loss calculation.

Balances report

  • Calculate:
    • balances
    • closing balances to fiat
    • current balances to fiat

Print report

Print your report (to a pdf printer if you want).